Sunday, March 3, 2013

Product Review: Lifeline Jungle Gym XT

I am beginning to wonder if I am turning into a Gearwhore.  I suppose the thought would not have crossed my mind were it not at least partially true.  Fair enough.  The good news is I am really impressed with this product and I am going to give it a favorable review.  Reader's Digest version:  If you have been looking to add suspension training to your regimen get this instead of the TRX.

Now for the rest of us that want the Full Monty review....  

You may have considered adding suspension training to your regimen.  I think that is a great idea as it offers opportunity to hit the core pretty hard and also develop stabilization strength.  Do I think it should form the basis of your training?  Absolutely not.  It will not develop maximal strength, it will not get you "swole", it will not by itself optimize your training.  It will offer a novel way to train the muscles including major movers and stabilizers, it is super for core, and it is great for working in circuit training. It is also quite versatile in that it can fold up in a small box, you could easily throw this in a gym bag or a suitcase.  You can hook these handles behind a door, over a bar or even over a tree limb.  This can go anywhere.  We all know most hotel gyms suck and when they suck they suck mightily.  You'll see maybe a lifecycle and a treadmill and if you're super lucky some dbs and a big blue exercise ball.  There is usually some creeper already in there training so most rational folks either go for a run outside or find a local gym.  You can always bang out some burpees and skip rope in the parking lot but you're likely to attract the wrong kind of attention  doing that (any kind of attention is the wrong kind).  I used to bring a kettlebell on trips. I will never do that again because it weighs a lot and I don't like the idea of having a cannonball floating in the back of the car no matter how well I strap it down.  Also you can't take it on a plane, the jungle gym, on the other hand is made to travel.  Enough about that.

Most people who are in the market for this have considered, or are considering the TRX.  I have used it extensively.  It is well made, just like the jungle gym.  There are things I dislike about the TRX that the jungle gym circumvents.  Firts with the TRX you are stuck with a "V" configuration.  The Jungle Gym allows you to move the sets of straps independently.  Also adjusting the strap length is simple, easy and quick.  I like the handles better on the Jungle gym.   They are much easier to keep clean and the foot stirrups are much easier to get in and out of.   The best part is the Jungle Gym XT comes at close to half the price of the TRX, and it is better!  It comes with a great DVD where a lot of great drills are demonstrated and explained in detail.  Some of these drills are really demanding.  Have a look at my setup and if you have questions let me know!   Click here to read more about the Jungle Gym XT.


  1. more posts? I rather enjoyed your writing. I'm a masters rower who needs motivation to stay in shape.


  2. Funny you say that, I just put a post up today. Been busy rowing! More to come too. I hope you will enjoy it!