Saturday, April 2, 2011

No excuses (originally published 4/28/07)

often do we come up with excuses for not training or we try to rationalizing half-assed attempts at training when we know we should be working harder? Common excuses are I am tired, or the gym is closed or I worked late. Note that these are excuses and not reasons. What's the difference? I left my gym bag at home is an excuse, I broke my leg is a reason. Bottom line: we call things reasons but they are merely excuses. If you wish to continue putting off the training you know your body needs, by making lame excuses.... go back to your blueberry scone and catch up on another episode of the Christopher Lowell show.

The truth is you can train pretty much anywhere and with a little bit of thinking you can do this with a scarcity of time, space or equipment. Got 15 minutes? I bet you do. Push ups, burpees, hindu squats, deck squats and jump rope. Mix them in a circuit for a body weight total body work-out. Got a kettlebell? Even better! Snatches, Swing-flip & catch squats, and presses, do a few circuits with those and have a wastebasket handy. Maybe there is a playground nearby with some chinup bars... great, do some chins, hanging leg raises and push-ups. Lot's of excuses just went up in smoke, like a joint in a Cheech & Chong movie.

We just got back from what has become an annual family roadtrip. Usually I will try to work in training to fit into this and sometimes it ends up being suboptimal. This time was different, I had some great workouts in a very small hotel room doing just pistols, swings and snatches. The above picture was taken during these sessions. I was sweating my ass off. Not much room to work and I was a little pressed for time as I didn't want to hold up everyone elses fun.... they think I am crazy anyway but that is a different story.

Till next time.. Train Smart!


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