Saturday, April 2, 2011

Recent kettlebell sport videos and intro to the concept (from 5/4/07)

Kettlebell sport or Girevoy sport as it is know in the former USSR is a challenging athletic endeavor consisting of two events, the double kettlebell jerk and the single kettlebell snatch. In competition for men both events are tested with a ten minute time limit for each event. In the Jerk the bells cannot touch the ground or the set is over. Rest can only occur in the overhead locked out position or in the racked position. In the snatch only one hand switch is allowed and the bell cannot touch the ground or any other part of the shoulder. Rest can occur in the overhead lockout or in the hang position (the latter position is not used because it is extremely fatiguing for the grip. Women only compete in the snatch. Competition weights are 12 or 16 kg for women and 32 kg for men. Senior men can compete with 24 kg bells. One additional category for men is called long cycle. This involves a clean before each jerk. The ten min time limit, rest positions and weights are the same, with the additional option of resting in the hang position. It doesn't get much tougher than this. I don't think most people will have any idea how hard this is until they try it. I think the potential carry-over of this type of work to other athletic endeavors will be dramatic. If you like hard work you'll love kettlebell sport!

Here are two videos from youtube. The first is Catherine Imes getting her Master of Sport in the Snatch event. Unbelievable as she is the first American born woman to attain this elite level. The second is Marty Farrell doing 61 Jerks in 10 min w/ 32 kg bells. An amazing feat for anyone but really outstanding considering Marty weighs around 155 lbs. He puts most people even twice his size to shame in this event! Check it out.

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